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Hátsó Kapu - Színházterem

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At 7Sins 7Bridges Theater we create performances that debate assumptions and misconceptions about the so called major questions of existence, great minds through history troubled themselfs writing material about them. Material that surely all are entertaining and brainstorming if you approach them without blindfolded dogmatic mind-frame.With our performances we would like to start a social dialogue a creative debate which start on stage and can become the change that we looking for in our everyday life our objective is to ignite the inner question of what I the individual can do.
Wealth, happiness, sexuality, poverty, education politics the influence of supernatural and religion and how in the name of personal gain societies loose the human face and become an urban jungle where an artificial concept wins above all stakes.
Cities become slaves of their need of consumption we approach these subjects in the raw anarchistic form of them in order to get them down from the podium that todays media prefer them to be.
Change lays in the the actions of the individual and than transcends to our surroundings. Theater is the platform for that debate.

At 7Sins 7Bridges Theater we create multimedia theatrical performances breaking the barrier of the traditional practice and incorporating more interactive and elaborative acts.
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