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15:00 Buda Castle Walks
6.0 / 10
5 értékelésből
2500 Ft  -tól
4000 Ft -50%
Walking ticket:
2500 Ft
Choose the official Buda Castle Walks team and join us for a sightseeing  tour in the Castle District with breathtaking panoramic views of Budapest! 

Take a walk with us through time and space to discover the turbulent centuries of Buda Castle’s almost 800-year history. As we walk from the Royal Palace to the Fisherman’s Bastion, we will visit such highlights as the Matthias Fountain, Lion’s Court, St George’s Square and the Holy Trinity Square, but also hidden gems like medieval merchants’ houses and narrow allies. Join our walk to hear the inside stories of kings and settlers.

DURATION: 100 minutes

DEPARTURE: Information Point – Savoy Terrace, Budapest 1013ARRIVAL: Holy Trinity Square, Budapest 1014–Fisherman’s Bastion

PRICE: HUF 4,000/personGOOD TO KNOW: Please note that the tour is not suitable for wheelchair users and not safe for baby carriages. 

The program starts regardless of weather conditions.


Buda Castle Walks
1014, Information Point – Savoy Terrace
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